Your Feedback Matters: Help Us Serve You Even Better

purple paper with a rip in it, through which you see the word 'Feedback'

At Medijobs Australia, we take pride in delivering exceptional service to our clients and candidates. However, sometimes, hiccups happen. That’s why we encourage you to share your feedback with us – because your input is invaluable in helping us to keep being better (better-er?).


Why Your Feedback Matters

Have you ever stayed in a hotel and found yourself a bit peeved after a terrible experience? One of our team experienced this recently (Ahem – thank you Brisbane CBD for your 24-hour construction permit). 

Despite the hotel’s prestige, the experience fell short. However, what stood out was how the hotel manager proactively addressed the issue, and comped the stay and parking as a gesture of goodwill.

This incident made us reflect on the importance of feedback. Often, when people are dissatisfied with a service or encounter issues, they may silently decide not to use that service again. But we want you to know that we genuinely value your feedback, whether it’s praise or criticism. Your feedback provides us with an opportunity to identify areas for improvement and ensures that we don’t repeat the same mistakes.


Nobody’s perfect. Even us.

At Medijobs, we pride ourselves on being experts in the recruitment industry. We have a dedicated team that works tirelessly to match the right talent with the right opportunities. But perfection is tricky and elusive, and even the best can stumble occasionally. That’s why your feedback is so crucial to us. It helps us see our imperfections and work diligently to become even better.


Better and Better-er

Your feedback is a compass. A north star. We want to hear from you about any aspect of our service that may not have met your expectations. Did you encounter communication challenges? Were you looking for a specific skill set we didn’t quite deliver? Was there a process that you found cumbersome?

We’re here to learn and adapt, refine our processes, and ultimately provide a more tailored service that aligns with your requirements.


Sharing is caring

Sometimes, it’s easy to brush off a subpar experience and vow never to return. However, by not sharing your feedback with us, you deny us the chance to make amends and improve. We genuinely want to know when something doesn’t meet your expectations because we’re committed to delivering the best Allied Health recruitment solutions in Australia.

So, the next time you have feedback for us, whether it’s a suggestion for improvement or a pat on the back for a job well done, please don’t hesitate to reach out. 

You can contact us via email or phone