We’re being impersonated by scammers and we need you to be careful

It’s been brought to our attention that Medijobs Australia is being impersonated via WhatsApp messages. A “Mia from Medijoebs Australia” has been contacting potential job-seekers via an International Number and offering to assist them find a role.

Frankly, we find this pretty disturbing.

We want to spread the word about this as far and wide as possible because Mediobs Australia NEVER contacts job-seekers via WhatsApp. If you receive contact via WhatsApp from a phone number that does not start in +61 and saying they’re from Medijobs Australia, please IGNORE and BLOCK!

How does this scam work?
This scam works in countries where Jobseekers pay agencies to help them find jobs. The scammer will say they have a job, ask would you like to know more and then once you start ‘working together’ they may ask you to send them money. We NEVER ask a job seeker for money. Our services are completely free for Jobseekers.

Read more about this tactic in this Guardian article.

How to spot this scam
1. WhatsApp:

Firstly, we never use WhatsApp to contact you, so straight away you can count this out

2. The phone number:

If the phone number doesn’t start in +61, that’s the ultimate red flag. IGNORE and BLOCK!

3. Asking for money:

If you’re a job-seeker, then you know that our services are free to you. We NEVER ask you for money.

What should you do
1. Call us. If in doubt, get in touch. We’ll be able to confirm if it’s us contacting you. Our Toll-free Australian Phone Number is: 1300 905 373.

2. Block the caller on WhatsApp. You don’t need to worry that you might be blocking Medijobs – we will never use WhatsApp to communicate with you.

3. Familiarise yourself with ScamWatch. They provide updates on the latest scams. You can also report a scam via their page.

Also please take a close look at this screenshot of one of the messages someone received – this is not us.


What are we doing about it?
From our end, we have reported this to the ACCC, Scamwatch, Police Cybercrime division and made all of our Team aware. We’re also posting about this on our socials and website to let our candidates and employers know.

To find out more, we suggest you read this article from The Guardian and check out the ACCC ScamWatch website.

If you’d like to talk to us about this, or anything else related to Allied Health jobs and recruitment, book in a time and we’ll call you.