Speech Pathologist seeking single site | CASE STUDY

school children with colourful backpacks


We were approached by a Speech Pathologist in Melbourne who was experiencing burnout after years of working in the community NDIS system.



While she loved her job, what seemed to be the greatest cause of friction for this Speechie was the travel involved in her role.

Traveling between clients, while also trying to record reports and prepare for the next client can be draining, especially when you’re passionate about always doing your best. It can also be isolating, as you often travel alone.



We always try to get a jobseeker into a role that suits all their needs, even if it seems unlikely.

Because we know where there are needs for Allied Health professionals across Australia, we were able to place this Speech Pathologist in a school.

Say hello to 7 weeks’ annual leave!



This Speech Pathologist no longer has to travel! All her work happens in 1 location: the school where she works.

She loves being able to specialise within the education system and working with students in a paediatric environment.

The school she works for is committed to providing the very best environment for its students, which suits her own work ethos. She works within a mixed Allied Health team, so has a strong sense of community.



Sometimes you need to think outside the box, but you don’t’ know what you don’t know which is why it pays to work with a specialised Allied Health recruiter like Medijobs, who knows all the different areas your job can take place.


If you need a change but it doesn’t feel possible, contact us. You’d be amazed by the creative places we place Allied Health professionals.