When your hiring processes let you down | CASE STUDY

a street with 'slow' printed on the ground


A client of ours was having trouble recruiting candidates. They were getting applicants, but anyone interested was withdrawing from the hiring process before they were sent an offer.



After analysing their hiring process from our side, it appeared that candidates were interested in this employer, but somewhere along the hiring timeline they were being recruited by another company.

It became clear to us that the employer’s timelines were too long, due to unnecessary steps in their hiring process.

Some of these included:

  • HR sending CVs to managers, who would not review them in a timely manner
  • Multiple interviews

So, by the time they were ready to hire, the candidates had already been placed elsewhere.



Based on our experience and understanding of the Allied Health hiring market, we could see that, compared to other similar organisations’ timelines and processes, this client was just too slow.

We had an honest discussion with the person in charge of recruitment, letting them know their hiring process was holding them back. Keep it up, and they’ll always have trouble recruiting.



Because we’ve partnered with this employer for a while, they respect our point of view. The client took our feedback on board and changed their hiring process.

Lucky, because once they changed their hiring procedure, they immediately recruited 2 successful placements in very competitive markets and areas (Sydney and Wollongong, NSW).



In a candidate-tight market, where candidates have a lot of choice when it comes to employers, you need a fast, slick, candidate-friendly hiring process.


If you’re having trouble recruiting candidates, get in touch. We can workshop the problem with you, find the crux of the issue and suggest a solution.