Part-Time Role for Educational Speech Pathologist | CASE STUDY

A speech pathologist working with a young girl

We Found the Ideal Part-Time Position for a Skilled Speech Pathologist


An experienced educational speech pathologist found herself in a challenging situation due to health and family reasons.



With an established career as an educational speech pathologist, this candidate possessed valuable skills and knowledge. However her personal circumstances meant she could only commit to part-time hours (3 days a week), limiting her career options to accommodate her circumstances.

Navigating her health and family responsibilities, she sought an opportunity that would allow her to continue contributing while maintaining a balanced lifestyle.



Recognising the candidate’s extensive experience and the need for a flexible arrangement, we sought a solution that would align with her current situation. We identified a role within a school, offering her the position of leading speech pathologist. This solution provided her the flexibility she required while also utilising her expertise.



The candidate seamlessly integrated into her role as the leading speech pathologist within the school. Her part-time schedule allowed her to manage her health and family needs while still making a significant impact in her field. The employer not only understood her situation but also recognized the immense value she brought to the team.



This story emphasises the importance of tailoring roles to accommodate individuals’ unique circumstances and capabilities. By recognizing the candidate’s expertise and accommodating her part-time needs, the employer demonstrated a commitment to fostering a positive work environment that values both the employee’s well-being and their contribution.


In exchange, the employer has hired an experienced expert who will eventually increase her hours as her circumstances change.

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