Hiring into remote roles | CASE STUDY

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A client reached out to get help finding a Rehab Consultant, who was either an OT, physio or exercise physiologist, as they could not find anyone locally.



Due to their extremely remote location (southern Western Australia), this company had pretty much given up hope of finding the right candidate.



This company is one of Australia’s largest groups working in the Occupational Rehab space and NDIS services. They have their own established Human Resources team in house who are great at their job.

However, the issue was that they just didn’t have the database to enable them to reach widely enough around the country to fill this role.

We, on the other hand, have over 25,000 candidates nationwide on our database.



We put the word out, advertised for the position and a candidate in Victoria called us. Turns out, she was about to move to this location in a matter of months!

We put this candidate forward for the role and she was hired almost immediately!

We then worked closely with the management and HR team to ensure the best outcome for all parties, and to make sure this candidate had a successful relocation and induction.

The client couldn’t believe we managed to fill the role!



Even if you have your own HR department, it pays to reach out to a recruiter for those hard-to-fill roles.


If you’re having trouble filling a role and need to think outside the box, contact us. We might just have your next hire sitting in our database right now!