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At Medijobs Australia, we have close, professional relationships with all of our active job seekers. 

We take time to get to know our candidates. This means we can match you with the right person for the job, saving you valuable time, money and resources.

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Our Database

We’ve got a database of over 25,000 allied health professionals Australia-wide. Many of our candidates partner exclusively with us. This means we can send you cream of the crop talent who have all been vetted and mentored by our expert team. 

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Our expertise

Having worked in the health industry for 18 years, we’re unmatched in our understanding of all things health recruitment. We know how important it is to find and keep the very best candidates out there, and honestly, we’d rather send you no one than 10 unsuitable candidates.

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Our experience

Let’s face it – we aren’t millennials! But we ARE Allied Health Employment Subject Matter Experts. You can rely on our candidate recommendations and trust that we won’t waste your time


Our success

At Medijobs, we have a proven history not only in providing the best candidates the first time, but providing candidates who will stay loyal to you for years. Our high conversion rate, combined with retention means when you work with Medijobs, you get peace of mind.

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Our style

We get it, recruitment isn’t rocket science, but there IS an art to it – a very time-consuming art! We work with people, after all, so we need to use a huge amount of emotional intelligence. That’s why we only work with clients who treat us and our candidates well, and respect professional boundaries.


Our guarantee

Our dropout rate is ridiculously low, however, if a candidate you hire through us doesn’t last their first 3-month period, we’ll replace them for free.



Medijobs Australia currently works closely with employers in the following industries:

  • - Occupational Rehabilitation
  • - National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)
  • - Aged Care
  • - Counselling
  • - Clinical Services



We currently have job seekers in the following fields: 

  • - Occupational Therapist
  • - Physiotherapist
  • - Psychologist
  • - Rehabilitation Counsellor
  • - Social Worker
  • - Exercise Physiologist 
  • - Speech Pathologists
  • - Behavioural Therapist 
  • - Psychiatrist


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