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Graduate Series Part 1: Employment pathways for Occupational Therapist Graduates in Australia - Article Image

Graduate Series Part 1: Employment pathways for Occupational Therapist Graduates in Australia

Friday, July 17, 2020

Team Medijobs Australia’s Allied Health Recruitment Experts present to OTs at Uni and we often get asked: What are the employment opportunities available to me as a Grad? What salary should I ask for? How do I write a good CV? How do I nail an interview? Got the job but what is what this Employment Contract?

Soooooooo, presenting: Part I of the OT Grad Series

Medijobs Australia’s short-list of Job options for a soon-to-be Grad OT

- Say What? Really?

You don’t need to wait for graduation or your AHPRA registration to start work. Most employers are happy to hire you and get you started at work conditional on you successfully graduating and getting your AHPRA rego.


- Hospital: Private or Public:

You can work in Paeds, Ortho, Neuro, Mental Health, Community, Pre and Post-natal, Disability and more! Practicum placements help you figure out where you want to work after graduating.

Hot Tip: Put in your Prac Placement choices early with your Course Coordinator.


- Occupational Rehab:

You will be case managing injured workers back to the work-force.

Hot Tip: Commercially-focused, billing-centric job involving little to no hands-on OT work. Team Medijobs are specialists in Occ Rehab - contact us for the inside word on working in Injury Management.


- Aged Care:

Working with a vulnerable population is challenging. Speak with OT’s who work in Aged Care, definitely do an Aged Care Prac or at least Volunteer at an Aged Care facility.

Hot Tip: Work is generally solo and client appointments are short and sharp – mostly sub 15 minute appts.


- Community work:

Services are delivered on or off-site and include NDIS, Consultancy, Equipment prescription, Home modifications, ADL, Case management, Therapy and much more!

Hot Tip: NDIS is a Key Growth area of Community based work.


- Private Practice:

Set up as a solo operator / join an OT team of Private Practitioners.

Hot Tip: $ arrangements are varied: Salary | % of your Billing | Some $’s and some % of your billing. There’s room to specialize - Hand OT, Occ Health or Paediatric OT etc.


- Sales:

Medical equipment or Pharma Sales roles are common. Eg: Mobility equipment.

Hot Tip: These roles may involve equipment installation and are quite travel heavy.


- OHS | HSE:

Safety, safety safety! OHS roles involve Ergonomic work, delivering training, running work-site assessments and being on top of current OHS regulations.

Hot Tip: Most OHS roles require industry specific post-grad quals or CPD in Occupational Health and Safety. Ex: Driver Safety Training.


- Education | Research:

Undertake research and further study to become a Subject Matter Expert. Be the Talking Head on TV | Be invited to run CPD’s or in-services | Become a lecturer or Tutor yourself. Hot Tip: Often Education and Research go hand in hand – Get ready to undertake further study, lots of it.


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All the best with your job-seeking!