Advocating for an Animal-Assisted Therapy Organisation | CASE STUDY


A boutique animal-assisted therapy Private Practice in Brisbane was pioneering a unique therapeutic model that was still developing in Australia. They were using Labradors as part of their therapeutic interventions with paediatric clients. Despite having a remarkable offering and numerous referrals, they struggled to find the right staff to join their ranks. They were predominately looking for Paediatric, General and Clinical Psychologists.



For this client, attracting the right talent to support this model was proving to be a challenge. They had previously advertised on Seek, but hadn’t found the right people to work for them.



As dedicated recruiters, we stepped in to help bridge the gap between this exceptional organisation and potential candidates. Our expertise in understanding both the client’s needs and the candidates’ aspirations allowed us to effectively communicate the unique benefits of joining this organisation.

We used our extensive national database to approach candidates that were outside of their location area. Because we understood this client and their needs, we were able to advocate for them, and to communicate the many benefits of working there to candidates. It’s important to be able to highlight to candidates what makes you an attractive organisation.



By advocating for this organisation on a national scale, we reached a wider pool of potential candidates beyond Brisbane. Our efforts were complemented by showcasing the role on our social media platforms, generating enthusiasm and interest among potential applicants.

We’ve now been very successful in placing within this organisation multiple times, as they continue to grow. Everyone who’s joined the company really loves working there and is thriving as part of this growing organisation. 



Strategic advocacy and effective communication is an important part of finding staff. Understanding the value proposition of an organisation and tailoring it to resonate with candidates’ desires plays a significant role in attracting the right talent.

The successful outcome was not just the result of advertising but rather a combination of strategic outreach, national-level advocacy, and creating excitement around the role. The organisation’s compelling offering, including the opportunity to work with animals and be part of a supportive team, combined with our targeted efforts, culminated in a successful collaboration. 

By partnering with us, this organisation overcame recruitment challenges and saw their team flourish, proving that the right match is indeed possible with the right approach.

If you’re having trouble recruiting quality candidates on your own, contact us. We’ve got a database of amazing, qualified Allied Health professionals we can tap into.