Unexpected ways an Allied Health recruiter could make your work transitions easier

When you think Allied Health recruiter, you think job boards, right?

But actually, we do a lot more than just post jobs online. We are confidantes, counsellors and cheerleaders. We’re also professional negotiators – solving problems is what we do, and you’d be amazed how many times people need a good problem-solver in their lives!

The truth is, having an Allied Health recruiter in your corner can sometimes be a life-saver. Here are 3 stories of times we’ve gone above and beyond for job-seekers who are registered with us.

1. We can provide relocation assistance

We once placed a candidate in a role in Tasmania, meaning she’d have to relocate from her home in Canberra. Although we tried to negotiate relocation costs for her, the employer chose not to come to the party and our excellent candidate was left wondering how she’d get herself and her belongings to Tasmania, find a place to stay and begin work on time. We decided to pay for the candidate’s accommodation in a hotel for two weeks so that she could find somewhere to live. This small act allowed her to find a great place to live, and settle into a job that she ended up loving.

2. We can step in when you boss reacts badly 

When one of our candidates resigned from her position, her employer reacted badly. They wanted her to stay on, and went so far as to threaten her with legal action on the grounds that taking a role with her new employer would be in breach of her contract. They called a meeting and seemed prepared to take her to court. We hired an employment consultant to attend the meeting with her. The employer didn’t expect an external expert to be the employee’s support person at the meeting and since they were out of line, the issue could be sorted out then and there. The candidate left the meeting relieved that her old employer had no right to stop her taking a new job.

3. We can help you find a supervisor

As psychologists will know, becoming a registered psychologist is no mean feat. It involves finding a supervisor who is AHPRA board approved, has done the necessary course work and has themselves been registered for the appropriate amount of time to oversee them.

To avoid the considerable outlay of time and finances involved with finding a supervisor, we managed to convince a client who was looking to hire provisional psychologist to supply that candidate with not just a job, but provide them with an in-house supervising provisional psychologist too.

This arrangement ended up working perfectly. It meant that the candidate had a job that they loved, that allowed them to also work towards their general registration without significant outlay, and the employer had a staff person who was loyal and grateful to them for organising their supervision.


These are highly unusual scenarios, but if we can help in anyway, you only need to ask. When we say we’re with you 100%, we mean it!

Want to work with us? Get in touch – one of our awesome team members would love to chat to you.