Allied Health EMPLOYERS: Keep Recruiter Fees Confidential From Candidates

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In the world of Allied Health job hunting and recruitment, communication is key. However, some conversations are best kept behind closed doors. We’ve recently encountered situations where employers have openly discussed recruiter fees with candidates during the hiring process. This practice not only puts jobseekers in an uncomfortable position but also has a negative impact on employers and their brand.

Here’s why discussing recruiter fees with candidates is a big no-no. 

It Puts Candidates Off

In today’s job market, finding the right candidate can be a challenging task. Employers certainly don’t want to scare away potential hires by implying that they might lose the job opportunity due to the fees payable to the recruiting agency. This kind of discussion can make candidates hesitant about using recruitment agencies, fearing that employers might perceive them as second-rate options.


It Suggests You’re Stingy

In a world where work perks and benefits are KING, coming across as stingy is a big turn-off. Kindness and generosity of spirit can go a long way in building a positive employer brand. Discussing fees with candidates may inadvertently create the impression that the employer is penny-pinching and not willing to invest in their future benefits.


It Erodes Your Brand

Every interaction with a potential employee is an opportunity to promote your brand. The way a candidate feels after an interview can have a lasting impact on your company’s reputation. A negative experience can deter candidates from working with you in the future, and they may even share their bad experiences with others. In a candidate-driven market, your brand’s reputation can significantly affect your ability to attract top talent.


It’s Inappropriate

Discussing financial arrangements with a candidate is highly unusual and unprofessional. It’s crucial to maintain a certain level of confidentiality regarding your agreements with third-party entities, such as recruitment agencies. It’s not the candidate’s responsibility to understand or be involved in these arrangements; their focus should be on showcasing their skills and qualifications.


It Reduces Recruitment to a Transactional Process

Job recruitment is not just about filling positions with the right skills; it’s about bringing people together. Candidates are not commodities or assets; they are individuals with unique experiences and potential. Openly discussing recruiter fees reduces the hiring process to a transactional business deal, undermining the human aspect of recruitment.

Good recruiters invest time and effort in their database, regularly advertise positions, and provide support to job seekers beyond the transactional process. Candidates should not be made to feel like they ‘owe’ their employer or recruiter anything.


Employers should be cautious about discussing recruiter fees with candidates. This practice can negatively impact your hiring process, brand reputation, and candidate experience. Remember, in the world of recruitment, professionalism and discretion are your allies, ensuring that you create a positive experience for both candidates and your company.

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