From Allied Health Assistant to Neurological Occupational Therapist | CASE STUDY

An OT working on the hand of a patient


Our journey began with a determined and driven candidate who embarked on her career as an Allied Health Assistant (AHA) while simultaneously studying an Occupational Therapy (OT) degree. Balancing work and studies, she displayed an unwavering commitment to her field and a strong desire to contribute meaningfully to the healthcare sector.



Upon completing her OT degree, our candidate was ready to take on a specialised role that aligned with her passion and skills.



Work experience isn’t everything – often hirers need to see the holistic set of skills and personality traits that a candidate can bring to their organisation.

Recognizing the potential and dedication of this candidate, we collaborated to find an opportunity that would allow her to shine.

We secured her a specialist neurological OT role in Brisbane.



This opportunity marked a pivotal moment in her career journey, as she was able to dive headfirst into the niche she was passionate about. The initial doubts about her limited experience were dispelled by her exceptional performance and enthusiasm.

The feedback from her employers was that our candidate was not only an asset, but one of the best employees they have ever had. While there might have been reservations initially about hiring someone with less experience, they took a chance on her, and she proved to be nothing short of a superstar.



In a world where experience often takes precedence, this case study serves as a reminder that passion, dedication and potential are equally valuable. Our candidate’s story showcases the transformative power of providing opportunities and nurturing talent, resulting in a remarkable success story in the field of neurological Occupational Therapy.

If you’re ready to move up the career ladder, but worry that you might not have the experience, contact us. We can encourage employers to see what you’ve got to offer, and help you get a foot in the door.