Meet team medijobs

Connie Morrall

Connie is committed, professional, and above all, highly compassionate. The mother hen of the Medijobs flock. Always supportive, she makes job-hunting easy, taking care of every step so you can relax.

If you’re a job-seeker, she’ll take time to talk to you, so interviewers feel like they know you before you’ve even walked in the door.

If you’re an employer, you’ll appreciate her cool-as-a-cucumber approach to problem solving (highly influenced by her sudoku obsession), and her honesty.

You see, Connie’s not like other recruiters you’ve met. She’s genuine. Her word is her bond. James Bond. But seriously, thanks to Connie we can say we’re a small business with a big heart, that doesn’t shove square pegs into round holes but finds the right job for the right person. It’s got to be an optimal match.

A self-confessed people person, Connie is always up for a chat. Give her a call and you’ll soon see why one happy candidate once described her as ‘a miracle’.

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Renee Reynolds

What do you get when you combine a champion triathlete with a best practice queen?

Renee, that’s who.

The ultimate strategy master, Renee is a powerhouse of integrity and encouragement who always exceeds expectations.

Her specialty is seeing the crux of the issue –  what’s really going on, what needs to be changed, and is there a missing link or deeper issue?

In fact, she’s so good that a candidate probably already has the job before they’ve even interviewed, thanks to her work behind-the-scenes! And even if she can’t find you a job, she won’t forget about you. You’re always on her mind (just like the song).

How she can be so consistently positive and kind when she wakes up every morning at 4.30 am to train we’ll never know. But she is. And you’ll love her for it.Renee can spot a transferable skill a mile away, so if you’re thinking about taking the next step or you’re a new graduate, give Renee a call – she’ll be ready to give you the smartest advice for your current and future career.

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Farah Rizvi

Meet Farah, the Founder and Managing Director of Medijobs Australia. She’s honest. She swears. And she’s as protective of her team as she is of your time. Read: very.

She established Medijobs in 2003 because she wanted to work in a company that was not only across all things Allied Health jobs, but that was also BS free. Non-dodgy. Where she could pick and choose to work with non-toxic clients only (if you’re already on the books, consider yourself ‘in’!). 

And she wanted to do it all in four days and while making good money!

So Farah hatched a master plan – hire people better at recruiting than her. And bingo, Medijobs was born and 20 years later it’s the most trusted and experienced Allied Health recruitment agency in Australia.

As the self-appointed ‘Office Culture Queen’, Farah makes sure her team is HAPPY! Yes, they take their jobs seriously, but they don’t take THEMSELVES seriously, and you’ll hear more laughter coming from their headquarters than a dentist surgery with a happy gas leak.

Sound like the kind of recruitment agency you’d want to work with?

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Joining the team in 2017, Lemon is the Medijobs Mascot. Her duties include ball chasing, taking us for walks, harassing the team to throw her a ball and falling asleep behind our chairs so we’re trapped till she wakes up.  

Her real name is ‘Lemon Under a Rainbow’, an homage to her young owner’s favourite food and drawing subject at the time of meeting. Fancy!

a small white poodle on a pink cushion