5 reasons why you didn’t get the Allied Health job you interviewed for (and what to do next)

Interviewing for an Allied Health role can be exhausting and nerve wracking but to go through all that and not end up with the job? Well that can be plain devastating. If you’re wondering why you might have missed out on your dream job, and how you can overcome the disappointment you’re feeling, here are 5 reasons why you might not have gotten the job you interviewed for and what you can do next.


1. You don’t have enough experience.

This is common, and the easiest reason to move on from. Well done for securing an interview for a role that was slightly out of your reach – your CV must have looked great!

2. You didn’t prepare enough for the interview.

We get it. It takes time to prepare for each interview. You need to check out their website, familiarize yourself with their services, the LinkedIn Profile/s of the people interviewing you as well as the specific role you’re going for. That’s why so many candidates come to us for interview preparation assistance – it can take some of the legwork out of it.

3. You didn’t present well.

Maybe you were late or didn’t dress the part. Maybe you didn’t come across as well as you could have because you were nervous. We recommend always turning up slightly early and dressing in business or smart casual attire so that even if you’re dying of nerves on the inside, on the outside you’ll look cool as a cucumber!

4. You gave the wrong answers.

By this we mean that you were lacking a crucial item like a drivers license that was necessary for the role. Or that you misunderstood the question and gave them a response that was totally off base. Or that you didn’t know the answer to the question and took a wild guess. Lesson learnt for the next time.

5. You’re not the right fit.

This one can hurt because it feels personal but truly, it’s for the best. You do not want to be work in a company where the cultural fit isn’t right for you or them.


Ask for feedback

You’ve given your time to show up for this interview – it’s completely within your rights to ask for feedback on how they think your interview went and how you could do better next time. A lot of employers will simply say that they’ve hired someone who’s more qualified – dig deeper if it feels appropriate and you might gain some insights that could help you out next time.

Thank them for the interview and their time

Even though rejection can hurt, it’s important to always leave the door open with your dream employer. You never know what will happen in the future.

Ask to be kept in mind for future jobs

If you enjoyed your time in the interview and the company you applied for is really your ‘dream place’ to work, then tell them this and ask them to keep you on their radar. You never know!

Analyse your job seeking strategy.

Think about how you approached this job application and consider what you can do differently next time. Write a list of what you did well, where you can improve and then action this for next time.

Keep looking

Look for roles that will give you the skills to qualify for your optimal role at this stage of your career. Don’t let rejection keep you in a job you’re not happy in.

Enlist the help of a professional recruitment agency

At Medijobs Australia, finding you an Allied Health job is our job! And we’re pretty good at it, if we do say so ourselves. So feel free to tap us on the shoulder for a chat – we’d love the opportunity to work with you to secure your dream job.

Be patient

We know that so many Allied Health professionals are high achievers and impatient to get to the next level of their careers. Be patient – you’ll get there.

Missing out on a job you really want, especially if you’ve made it all the way to a second or third interview is disappointing.

If you’re feeling frustrated by job hunting alone, call us. Our job-placement service is free to Jobseekers and we promise to deliver on what we’re known for – a killer combo of kind, knowledgeable and your job-seeking champions.

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